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Netrix Component - an advanced WinForm editing control

NetRix Professional is a Plug-In based .NET WinForm usercontrol for editing and designing HTML documents. Supports .NET 2 to 4.5, VS 2005 to VS 2013.

NetRix Professional is a Plug-In based tool for HTML editing and designing documents as a .NET control. It offers basic editing features (bold, italic, underline ...), element insertion, DOM access and many more text operations features. Using Plug-Ins it is extensible by a Spell Checker, Table Designer, Xml Designer, Vector Graphic Designer (VML based). Use NetRix Pro as advanced Text Processor, Graphic Designer, or HTML Editor within your .NET Windows Forms application. It's completely written in C#.

It comes with the basic HTML editing controls, like Color Picker, Font Picker, Angle Editor, Ruler and Style Editor.

The version offers several extensions and modules, like a VML Designer (experimental), XML Designer (experimental), Table Designer, Spell Checker, Help Line component for unlimited designer drive applications.

Some smaller controls help you build web related applications: A new color selections box like Dreamweaver s, a font selection control, which allows the selection of generic and multiple fonts. And some other fine controls and classes: These controls are part of NetRix 2.0 – HTML WYSIWYG Editor: Available as separate controls now.
  • ColorPicker 2.0 (GUI) Select HTML colors
  • FontPicker 2.0 (GUI) Select Multiple fonts with font preview
  • StyleEditor 2.0 (GUI) Edit CSS 1 within a graphical interface
  • Available as separate controls now.

Learn more about the Features, Licensing, or about us About us.


We have compiled a collection of pages that explain the basic features. You can find more about this here:

Additionally you can find a table that shows a Complete Feature List.

Plug Ins

There are sevferal plug-ins available:


Several help files are available. We provide a full source code documentation, a help center with several demo applications, a main demo project included in the source code package, and support through forum.

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