Dec 18, 2013 at 12:27 PM
Welcome to Netrix - the most advanced WinForm Editing Component.

This project is new on CodePlex, but it not new at all. I started this in 2004 after a customer requested an highly customized HTML editor. I decided to go with MSHTML and write a wrapper using C# and .NET for convenience.

After a while the project became huge and meanwhile almost all features of MSHTML are wrapped and exposed by the .NET layer. Hundrets of customers world wide use this component in projects and through several plug-ins it's highly extensible.

So, why making this Open Source here? First, many parts are inspired from other projects like this. Second, the life cycle of WinForm is going to end and we don't see a commercial background any more. For customers that can't use Open Source we still offer a commercial license with additional, individual support capabilities. Feel free to ask.
Sep 20, 2014 at 3:48 AM
Edited Sep 20, 2014 at 3:49 AM
Is this project licensed under MPL(the Microsoft Public License)?

I think it's a great project, and that it has an opportunity to catch on in the community and find a new life in some way, but it's hard for me (or anyone really) to invest time exploring it further unless it's very clear exactly what the terms of the License for the project are...

The license seems unclear for 3 reasons:
  1. The Licensing Page that you link to fro the home page states that it's "open source" and that "the license attached to the project applies here" but then you go on to talk about "commercial" licensing and so it's not exactly clear if you are trying to amend the MPL license that's specified on the CodePlex License page tab or if you're just saying that the project is MPL, but that there is commercial support available if needed.
  2. You don't include a copy of the License with the project, nor in any of the file headers, so it's not clear from the downloaded sources either.
  3. On Stack Overflow I saw a post where you mention having listed the project here on CodePlex back in December, and you state there that it's "for non-commercial purposes only."
Could you please clarify the exact License terns for the project?

And add those terms to the root of the source code as well?

Maybe put a "license.txt" file along with a "readme.txt" file in the root of the project explaining exactly how the MPL applies and which 3rd party sub projects are licensed differently, etc. For example, there are MIT and a GPL 3rd party sub projects in there - you might consider removing the GPL project as it could raise distribution questions (ex: whether this is an "aggregated" work or a "single" work being distributed).

Thank you in advance, looking forward to exploring/discussing/collaborating more on the project and hopefully seeing it blossom as a new open source project.