How to add an custom HTML tag?

Mar 25, 2014 at 2:13 AM

I have just installed and played around with the source code, and I would like to implement a new HTML tag. This tag will just be like a <P> but in my case we will call it a <y>

I am wanting to look into a sort of editor a bit like the Windows Live Editor but by using a custom tag that I can render at design and runtime.

I have added a new class in the NetRix2010.v35.ForDemo application under WebEditing/Elements/ and it is just a copy of the <P> class but with the following

public ParagraphElement(IHtmlEditor editor)
        : base("y", editor)
So my question is how to get this <y> tag to be part of the DEMO application? If I hover over it it shows as a BODY tag I assume since it does not know about the <y> tag.

also in elementFactory.cs I added this line

elementTypes["html:y"] = typeof(yElement);