Replacing MSHTML Backend (and reliance on Windows/MSHTML/C++ Interop)

Sep 20, 2014 at 4:41 AM
Edited Sep 20, 2014 at 4:42 AM

One of my first ideas for the project and making it more versatile and usable from other platforms besides Windows is replacing the dependency on Windows/MSHTML.

Have you come across MimeKit before?

You can see all the specs of MIME that they support here:

There are only a handful of specs that aren't supported (bottom of page).

This project comes from the Mono team, and I am confident that code quality wise it would be a good fit, and the project already has a good following on Github.

If the backend could be swapped to something like MimeKit, then that means this could be a Managed Code only project and so it would suddenly be more useful on a variety of platforms in addition to Windows... Mac, iOS, Android, Win Phone, etc.

There would be some good PR to potentially be had by using Mono's MimeKit for the backend too, as the sort of "visual" component or "higher level" library for MimeKit. Might be just the thing to raise awareness and get some new cross collaboration going. I am thinking there are plenty of people who would benefit from having a nice "visual core library" API exposed on top of MimeKit for working with "MIME HTML."

Xamarin's trying to hit big with their new platform for cross compiling .NET to those platforms too, so they might even feature it to customers in some way if this project was built open source on top of one of their components and they thought it would help drive sales of their cross platform tooling. And that couldn't help but get some more visibility and drive up the need for "commercial" support for the project.