Word Processing

Features Feature Description Professional
Bullets and Numbered Lists Bullets and numbered lists can be inserted, incremented and numbered from program code or manually
Increase / Decrease level with TAB key
Character and Paragraph Formatting

Clipboard Operations
Rich character and paragraph formatting is standard in all editions. All formatting options expected from a word processor are available. 

All clipboard operations are built in and require no programming effort. 

RichText (RTF)


Find and Replace Find and replace functions are available programmatically, so that can be used without end-user interaction.
Headers and Footers Accessible from program code, headers and footers can be created programmatically, for printing only with CSS or for pages using DOM (Document Object Model) access 
Hypertext Links Hyperlinks can be inserted for existing text and removed without removing the text 

Create Hyperlinks “automagically” recognizing URLs 

Images Images can be positioned as characters or given a specific page position. Text flow around images can be set directly from program code. Images are scalable.
Integrated UI Ship with multiple end-user dialog boxes. Dialog boxes can also be accessed from program code and are fully localizable. 
Multi-Level Undo / Redo Programmers can add multiple levels of undo and redo to their applications, providing end-users an easy path to correct mistakes they may make. 

Batched Undo to join complex internal operations.

Host application can control the undo/redo stack and pack multiple operations into one undo step.

Page and Document Settings Page settings define the on-screen display of a document. Document settings include page size, orientation, margins etc. 
Printing and Print Preview Printing and print preview are available in all editions. A single function call is required to print documents, complete with graphics, tables, page numbers etc.
Programmable preview using IE Printing Templates with JavaScript support
Stylesheet Formatting All document formatting can be stored in stylesheets. Stylesheets can be defined using the built in dialog boxes or from program code. 

Extract classes and Ids from stylesheets and provides them to UI 

Handle inline styles, embedded styles and external styles separately 

Show effective style summary for any location in the document 

Access element's style using object access

Printing and Print Preview Printing and print preview are available in all editions. A single function call is required to print documents, complete with graphics, tables, page numbers etc.
Editing of tables using dialogs
Selection of any structure of cells and assigning of any formatting to the cell collection
Resizing column width and row height with the mouse
Move caret around the cells using the TAB key (configurable)
Supports table captions
Split cells
Merge any rectangle area of cells, selectable by mouse
TableDesigner available separatly to save 
space for smaller projects
Zooming End-users can zoom in and out in steps of 1% - from 10% up to 400%. All word processing functions are available at all zoom levels. 
Glyphs Printing and print preview are available in all editions. A single function call is required to print documents, complete with graphics, tables, page numbers etc.
Multi levels of Elements
Frame Editor Full frame support, Editing of frame document within frame view 

Save any frame, current frame, underlying frame definition

Assign content to active frame 

Highlight Feature Highlight words, characters, paragraphs without changing the DOM.
Spell Checker Spell Checker API to attach Spell Checker module, using third party spell checkers 

"Spell as you type" spell checker feature

Full integrated spell checker based on NetSpell, using the OpenOffice dictionaries

Enter Behavior Change the behavior of the ENTER key 
(insert <DIV> instead of <P>)
<BR> on Enter and <P> on Shft-Enter
(instead of default - Enter insert <P>
Local Path support Resolves local paths, even if content loaded from stream or string 

Does not need any temp files to resolve paths

Emoticons A toolbar with emoticons for collaborative apps
Security supportrt Programmable authentication let the control authenticate it self without user interaction accessing protected sites 

Access SSL protected websites

Emoticons A toolbar with emoticons for collaborative apps
Security support Programmable authentication let the control authenticate it self without user interaction accessing protected sites 

Access SSL protected websites

Full/Part doc support Supports editing of HTML fragments
Element support Insert and change any element directly with specific methods
HTML 4.0 Full HTML4/XHTML1 support including OPTGROUP, FIELDSET etc.
Formatter Integrated formatter accepts not well formed HTML

Clean up MS Word styles and tags

  Integrated editor for META Tags
Script support Turn of scripting in design mode, edit Script blocks internally 

In run-mode call JavaScript or being called from JavaScript (true C#-JS bridge)

HTML Form support Editor forms, see form tag in design mode, edit button content in design view
XP Theming Supports XP Theming and can change theming for form elements in design mode
Absolute Positioning 2D-Mode (GridLayout mode) for absolute positioning of elements
Move elements in their Z-order
Align elements (left, right, vertical, horizontal, center)
Drop elements into gridlayout like graphic apps do
Use absolute positioning for all or only for specified elements
Drag and Drop Drag and Drop of elements, HTML fragments, Text 

Element specific mouse icons for integrated drops

Ruler Ruler supplied with the control as separate user control, easy to use.
Helpline Configurable Helpline for exact positioning, magnetic to grid and to floating elements 

External module available to handle multiple helplines

Grid Display a configurable grid for better positioning
Snap elements to grid (magnetic grid)
Snap elements to helpline
Design grid as line, cross, point
Change color of grid
Write Direction Can Change Write direction for languages written from right to left (Arabic, Hebrew) on document, paragraph and word level

Advanced Programming

eatures Feature Description Professional
Control Settings Control settings are available to set border styles, pagination, scrollbar and many more document appearance and behavior characteristics.
Line and Character Operations Line operations allows developers to process text line-by-line, access statistics such as number of characters in a line of text or the number of lines in a document. Feature included
Marked Text Fields Marked text fields enable developers to build applications such as mail merge, where for example, (formatted) text is retrieved from a database.
Stylesheet (CSS) Rich set of methods to programmatically manipulate stylesheets. 

Extract class and id from sheet and set droplists in PropertyGrid internally (no programming effort)

Text Selection Manipulate text and elements Feature included
Toolbars Fully configurable status bar, button bar can be included in applications Feature included*
PropertyGrid Support Supports using of PropertyGrid at runtime for end user applications to simplify application development Feature included
Show events on separate PropertyGrid tab Feature included
Filter properties to reduce number of entries or add your own one Feature included
Support PropertGrid with UIypeEditor Feature included 
XHTML Support Developers can access a rich set of properties and methods to manipulate XHTML documents, while end-users can edit XHTML in a standardized WYSIWYG environment. Feature included
XML Edit XML in a WYSIWYG environment Feature included
Hierarchies Access the HTML DOM (document object model) by retrieving collections of parents or children Feature included
Elements Native Element classes for direct programmatic access to HTML Feature included
Native Style access for programmatic setting of styles using object properties Feature included
Binary Behaviors Change block elements design by program using GDI+ Feature included
DHTML events Can programmatically assign events (OnClick, OnDblClick and many more) to elements for better interaction Feature included
Before Navigate Events Control over any link clicked in browse mode, can programmatically change the URL Feature included
True Preview True Page preview in browse mode behaves exactly as IE Feature included
Context Menu Assign individual context menus, either with the standard property or a event to support third party Uis 

Context menu specific to tables 

Integrated context menu 

Support ContextMenuStrip on FW 2.0
Feature included

Feature included
Feature included
Feature included
Dirty Flag Dirty flag with event signalling Feature included
UI events Fires events and build ultra fast enumerations to update any external UI if the caret moves over formatted areas Feature included
TextSelector Move the caret around, select text, change, cut, insert all with programmatic commands Feature included
Extensibility Public available Interop classes

DesignerHost infrastructure integrated, allows development of design time driven applications

MenuCommandService infrastructure to add commands to PropertyGrid

Extensible using ExtenderProviders as Plug-Ins
Feature included
Feature included

Feature included

Feature included
Plug-Ins Several Plug-Ins available Feature included
  VML (Vector Graphic Designer) Feature included
  ASP.NET user control Designer Feature included
  XML Designer Feature included

* Free Toolbars in Demo Source Code available. We do not integrate any UI in the control, but support any other UI. As a benefit for customers we provide the source code of a full HTML editor application including toolbars and dialog boxes for easy and fast adoption. As a core part of the control we support the PropertyGrid, so developers can use it for HTML attribute editing at runtime.

** On Schedule: There is an API available to attach custom protocols to assign the datasources to any element within the page, which is much more flexible


Other Features

Features Feature Description Professional
Multi-Language Support Shipped in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian all dialog boxes can be localized using the included resource files. Feature included
Support for Non-western languages: Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic Feature included
Unicode Offers full Unicode support, thus building applications for eastern languages is as simple as for the English / European languages. Feature included
Browsing Real browsing with event control, Plug-ins Feature included
Editors ColorPicker (for 216 web safe colors)

ColorPanel (for 65K colors)

ColorPicker sheet with several options

FontPicker (select multiple fonts for styles)

UnitEditor (px, %, mm, cm, pt, ...)

PixelEditor (px, %)

Stylesheet Editor (topstyle like editor)

AngleEditor (set angle from 0° to 360°)
Feature included
Feature included
Feature included
Feature included
Feature included
Feature included
Feature included
Feature included
NetRix provides a standard .NET resx file with english phrases for additional localizations to the user. This feature is not available in the Standard (Std) version.


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