NetRix Professional Editor

Comprehensive Form Support

Perfect Form Support

Buttons appear in XP-Themed mode, if enabled:

The content can easily edited with just one double click. This will put the button into the design mode:

Textboxes and Textareas can be filled with static content directly in the designer.

All other form elements are well supported, too. The full version comes with a very extensive usage of the PropertyGrid, which is supported by a lot of integrated editors. This reduces the time to build a sophisticated forms editor to just a few mouse clicks and only a few lines of code.

PropertyGrid Support for Form Elements

Form element like <option> have collections. Creating editors for such a collection is an huge task. NetRix does not require such a work, it comes with all the editors you need to build a form driven application.


This image shows the empty <select> element immediately after being inserted by drag drop or command. After that the element becomes the current element. If it is then attached to the PropertyGrid as an object (all HTML elements are based on native .NET classes) the grid presents an entry "Options" which supports a collection. Clicking the ellipses will open the integrated Option Editor, based on the well known Collection Editor. The user can create HTML 4 optgroups as well as common option tags. After an option was added the designer immediataly refreshes and the option becomes visible.

To have all these working you need no line of code. Alle editors are included and becomes active if the .NET standard PropertyGrid is used. This is restricted to the full version only. Both versions provide full access through user code to add/remove options through code using customized editors.

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