NetRix Professional Editor

Table Designer

Tables are an important part of mostly any document. An advanced table designer is an often requested feature. And here it is: NetRix comes with a very advanced table designer Plug-In, including these features:

  • Replace background, table border and cell border during design operations
  • Replacement behavior (pen style, color, thickness) is configurable
  • Fast slider to move cell borders with the mouse (changes column width and row height)
  • Expand or shrink whole table
  • Table specific context menu
  • Table specific events for easy interaction with code
  • Fast mode: Moves slider separatly and sets cell borders on mouse down (for very large or complex nested tables)
  • Works well with nested tables, as well as floating tables (absolute positioned)
  • Construct table by issuing various split and merge commands to split or merge tables, add or remove columns or rows.

Slider Feature

The slider feature allows the user to change the column width or the row height (not beyond the current content). 

This feature can be extended by activating a customizable (pen style, color) helpline for more precisious alignment. The picture shows a dotted brown helpline, for instance. The mouse pointer informs the user when the control is about to enter the slider mode.

Cell, Column, and Row Selections

Groups of cells, complete columns and rows can be selected at once with the mouse.

After this, any property can assigned to the selected group. This applies to non-regular selections, too.

Split, Merge and other Construction Methods

The table designer can split cells, merge cells (even multiple in rectangular order one), delete or insert columns and rows, and, finally add more rows just with the TAB key.

In fact, this table designer Plug-In gives any application the most professional touch and makes it powerful than any other word processor. Additionally, in conjunction with the element access via DOM (document object model) tables can easily created by code, from database data for inctance, and inserted in design mode for further refinement by the user.

Full PropertyGrid Support

Any table property is accesible using the PropertyGrid. This allows building application withing minutes instead of days.

The images shows the "Layout" section of the PropertyGrid, when a table cell (<TD> tag) was selected. Applying any property here will immediately reflected on the designer surface, giving the user an unbelievable user experience.

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